Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's Been Hot and It's Gonna Get Even Hotter!

The last couple of days have been wonderful in my city. Good-bye cold & rainy days....hello sunshine and heat!! In fact, tomorrow is going to be crazy hot and I can't wait!

Now, my post tonight may seem a little "out of place" with all my "hot" talk, but I'll be lucky to see sunny skies, straight through the week-end.

So, (since I bought another one of these to add to my collection last week for 4 bucks!!!), I've decided to talk about Summer scarfs.

I love the look of a scarf paired with a cute dress, or a tunic and tights/skinny jeans.

So I've found some random pics on Flicker of regular peeps just rockin this look.....

If you're looking to add a fab scarf to your collection, check out these finds....




A Handmade Gift

I'm gonna sign off with a track that is an oldie but goodie. Used to love this joint back in the day ......


  1. @Iamthanelnegro....thx for showin some luv! Happy to hear that you're feelin my blog:)

  2. I love the silor/french guy outfit! Very cute:)

  3. oh no!! all those scarves are so cute! i have a serious scarf addiction... (i know i post alot about shoes on my blog... but i own way too many scarves... hmmmm post idea??)

    seriously i was just packing for my move and i have a box that is just scarves!

    sorry i couldnt make it the other day... the timing just didnt work out. we will have to arrange a blogger meet up soon!!

  4. @Christine....I know I love that outfit too! I've realized that I've been neglecting my male readers:(
    So I'll be posting more pics with a fair share of men & women....
    After I found these pics....I've decided that I need to add more to my "puny" collection.

    No worries about the other day hun.....we'll meet up soon enough:)

  5. yeah girl! thanks for the blog love. xoxo

  6. a scarf is always a good edition to any outfit - summer or winter!

  7. @PinkBow....yeah I agree. A scarf is perfect all year round~

  8. scarfs are great, so happy fall is around the corner

  9. @Nubiasnonsense.....can't believe that I'm saying this....but I'm happy that fall is around the corner too:)

  10. LOVING The scarves, yo, and thanks for your support as well :-) I am glad to be following you, too and I'm loving where you're taking me so far, lol.

  11. @Sophie...Aw Sophie your welcome:) I love supporting creative peeps! Oh and keep enjoying my "creative ride" lol.....


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